Create Account

Create your free WalletUp account by clicking the orange Start Now button.

Creating An Account with Email or Mobile Number 

Enter the e-mail address or mobile number you'd like to use for your WalletUp account. 

After you've entered your e-mail address or mobile number, check your e-mail or text message inbox to retrieve a verification code. Type the code into the Verification Code box. 

The verification code expires after 15 minutes. If you missed the time window and the code has expired, click Resend Code. You'll receive another code. Just make sure to enter it within 15 minutes! 

Note: if you already have an account with through our iPhone or Android app, you don't need to create another account. Use the same email or mobile number to sign in to WalletUp.

Creating An Account with Google

You can also create a WalletUp account with Google Sign In. Click Sign in with Google. Choose the Google account you would like to use with your WalletUp account.  

Give WalletUp and Google permission to continue. Note: if you already have a WalletUp account with another e-mail address or mobile number, signing in with Google will create an additional account.

After you've created your WalletUp account, add your current credit cards to your wallet and answer a short quiz about your preferences and spending habits. Then we'll recommend a credit card to you to help you earn the most rewards. 

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